Travel Insurance

At Grand Asian Journeys, we REQUIRE travel insurance for our trekking clients, and highly recommend it for all our travelers. Why should you consider travel insurance? Consider the following situations…

  • You or a family member become ill and you can no longer travel
  • You have a medical emergency in a remote location while trekking and require helicopter evacuation
  • Your job is suddenly terminated or transferred
  • Your residence or destination becomes uninhabitable due to a hurricane, fire or flood
  • You miss a connection because of a flight delay
  • You arrive at your destination but your luggage doesn’t
  • Your wallet, credit cards or passport are stolen
  • Volcanic activity interrupts your flight plans

We are an agent of Travelex Insurance (copy and paste link for a quote:, and stand behind their policies. You may find less expensive insurance, but you will not find a better policy or better value. Many insurance companies offer secondary coverage, meaning you have to go through the hassle of billing your homeowners insurance and personal medical insurance before they will pay a claim. With Travelex, they offer primary insurance meaning all claims are handled professionally and paid promptly.

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“On the day I was to fly home I came down with a very bad case of food poisoning which necessitated canceling my flight and spending the night at the Travel Clinic (CIWEC CLINIC). If I had not had Travel Insurance, the night I spent in that facility would have cost me $1100. For a night in the hospital that sounds cheap by American standards, but as it turned out I paid nothing for excellent, professional care from an international staff.”

James Patton – San Francisco, CA
Tengboche Trek, Nepal (October 2010)

“Just a note from one who’s used the Grand Asian Journeys recommended insurance: I had to return early from my last trip to Nepal having contracted pneumonia.  The company which insured me (thru the GAJ website) was very helpful getting me home early and changing all my airline tickets.  I was doubtful that I’d get much, if any, of my trip fee returned…..but, lo and behold, 12 days after sending my information in, I received a check which fully reimbursed me.” (Sandy’s coverage included trip cancellation and interruption)

Sandy Nancarrow – CA
Kanchenjunga Trek, Nepal (October 2010)